Pool’s grand re-opening makes a splash

The drought is over!
After being closed for more than four months, the pool at Johnson State College has finally reopened its doors, and more than 50 people from JSC and the surrounding community were on hand to enjoy the first open house of the year on Saturday, March 21.
Outside a frigid breeze was blowing, and there was a flurry of snow as Old Man Winter did his best to to maintain the icy grip he has had on Vermont this year, but inside the pool area was a different story.
Inside, the climate was similar to that of a warm summer day; the air was warm and the humidity high.
As for the water, that was a refreshing 80 degrees. Some could be heard whispering that the pool was a bit on the chilly side, others that it was too warm, and still others that it was perfect.
Now that the pool has reopened it’s not fun and games for everyone. The two life guards on duty this busy day had their hands full as they kept one eye on the water looking for a swimmer who might need some assistance, while the other eye was zeroed in on the deck, ensuring that the children and adults alike walked instead of ran.
One of life guards on duty was Ben Morton, who’s been a life guard for just shy of two years. “This is busy. Normally there is about one-tenth of this [referring to the number of guests] on a Saturday,” he said.
Part of the reason for the high volume of guests was due to the long awaited reopening, but this particular Saturday the pool was also the destination for two separate birthday parties and those parties brought kids, lots and lots of kids.
Morrisville resident Kory Keene, has been bringing his children to the JSC pool for years, but mostly just for swim lessons, and when he saw a posting on frontporchforum.com about the pool open house he knew it would be the perfect place to hold his child’s birthday party.
Like everyone else present Keene was happy to see the pool reopen.

“It’s a good community resource,” he said. “I would have a membership if the events were better advertised.”
Kim Goodell was the chaperone of the second birthday party. With winter still in full swing, Goodell was looking for a place indoors to hold her son’s birthday party, and she could not think of any place better than the newly reopened pool.
“My 7-year -old son loves to swim,” Goodell said, “and I noticed the pool was opening around his birthday.”
Goodell, who is the associate director of financial aid at Johnson State College, has also had her children participate in the swim lessons offered.
Should this size crowd be considered a good turnout for the reopening open house?
Barbara Flathers, assistant to the dean of students said, “It’s about what we expected, around 50 people, mostly community members. You put the invite out and you never know.”
Throughout the morning the pool was full, not only with people, but also with the sounds of laughter and splashing as the guests forgot about winter, if only for a short while, as they enjoyed themselves in a simple body of water that extends past the boundaries of JSC and down into the local community.

The SHAPE facility is always on the lookout for quality people who are looking to become Red Cross certified lifeguards.
For more information contact Krystal Woodward at 802-635-1468 or via email at krystal.woodward@jsc.edu.