SGA approves ALANA and SASH

During the recent Student Government Association meeting at Johnson State College a variety of topics were brought up for discussion along with the approval of two clubs.

ALANA (African Latino Asian Native American Association) was looking for club recognition. After all present senators looked over the available documents the JSC SGA approved the club with a 7-0-0 vote. ALANA is  basically serving a diversity group, and has many different chapters throughout the country.

Along with the ALANA clubs approval, the SGA also approved the club that will be known as SASH (Students against Sexual Harassment and Bullying) with a vote of 7-0-0 as well. Kemal Onor, a JSC student was representing the club at the meeting. The group had been meeting multiple times during the past fall semester, Onor mentioned. “We believe the next step is for us to reach club status,” said Onor.

“We serve as another option for students who don’t feel comfortable speaking to whomever it is they should about their issue.” The club will be all about group therapy and having a safe space for everyone. As far as legal situations that might end up being involved with the group, they are going to be connecting with the schools counseling center. “We are not trained, but we are able to help students,” said Onor.

Along with the club approvals JSC SGA President Ben Simone met with Codie Salvador of Green Solutions about co-sponsoring an SGA Green Solutions Green Week for JSC. Many events are being planned for the week as it is intended to happen sometime in April.

Simone also met with Dave Bergh, the dean of students at JSC about possible changing the way courses can be viewed by students online. Simone referred to the Castleton State College website when describing how the Johnson site is tough to navigate. Simone mentions that the Castleton site is much easier to navigate, and it also lists all required courses and when they are offered. This will ultimately make it easier for new students to understand and know what to expect.

In addition to the site, Simone thinks it would also be a good idea to try and get a club for each major on campus. “If SGA could work with faculty to create a club for each major it would open up more opportunities for student,” said Simone. This would allow students to talk to other students interested in the major too about what they would want to get out of the major they choose.

SGA Senator Bobby Beauregard reported an update on the up and coming casino night on Mar. 20. The SGA was looking for card dealers for the event. Many donations had also been made by local businesses such as The VT Flannel Company, and Forget Me Not Shop. JSC SGA Senator Nasser Abdel-Fatah also informed everyone that the recently elected Vermont State College Chancellor Jeb Spaulding agreed to attend the event.

During the Senator reports, Senator Todd Lantery mentioned being in contact with several individuals involved in the Pride Alliance Trip. He added that they were all in deep planning for Pride Week, which will be happening after spring break.

During Abdel-Fatah report he mentioned that he wanted to do tabling in somewhere on campus and ask students what their high school guidance counselors said to them about Vermont State Colleges. He brought up the stat that only 52 percent of the group of VT state high school graduates that pursue higher education go to in state institutions. “We need to stop being viewed as the dollar menu option as far as colleges go,” said Abdel-Fatah. He is planning on getting students to give their view of the school to help create more positive views and experiences to share with new students.

For more information regarding up to date decisions within the SGA you can visit their office in the Stearns Student Center, Room 411 or call or email at 802-635-1232,