New RAs announced


Nicole Menard

Following the firing of two residence assistants in March and the resignation of a third, Residence Life held interviews and hired new RAs for the vacant positions: Nicole Menard, Ally Bruckner, and Zachary Levy.

“Because the hiring process was so close to the process for next year, we looked for candidates who were applying for next year, who we thought would be likely to be good fits in the spaces that were open,” said Jeff Bickford, assistant director of residential life.

Bickford stated that the new hires all have suitable qualifications for the positions they’re filling.
“When we hire, we are always looking for people who we think will be good employees, good role models for residents, good at building community, and good at communicating with the department when there are concerns on a floor,” Bickford said. “We believe anyone we hire has capability in those four areas. We also look for a balance of skills and styles within each RA staff.”

Zachary Levy is equally confident that he will do well in his new position.

“I feel that I am pretty qualified for the position,” Levy said. “I have some various leadership experience from past work, my prior education, starting a club on campus among others. I strive to do my best wherever I go, hopefully leaving it better than it was.”

Levy has high hopes for his future accomplishments as an RA.

“I hope to make connections with my residents and get people more excited about how amazing this school and the surrounding area is,” Levy said.

In March, two resident assistants (RAs)  were dismissed from their positions in Martinetti following undisclosed circumstances.

Kelli East and Emma Landry were fired after “both students had violated expectations stated within the resident assistant employee contract,” according to Associate Dean of Students Michelle Whitmore.

“This was unfortunate. The decision to terminate their employment was not an easy one.”

Another RA resigned shortly after the incident. The reasons for the departure have not been disclosed.