Logging project to resume this summer

Winter logging operations on campus have ceased according to JSC Controller Toby Stewart, who said the roads had become too muddy for operations to continue.

Summer logging in two other areas will commence once the ground firms up.

It is expected for more logging to take place again next winter.
The college has approximately 100 acres of forest that can be logged, and according to Stewart, the logging now in progress is necessary for healthy woodlot management. The trees are a renewable resource that can be taken advantage of. They are being cut down to provide sunlight for other trees and to prevent safety hazards in the future, he noted. The trees that have been logged were no longer useful.

Summer operations will occur near the solar array on campus and near the frolf course, which will be unavailable for the two weeks cutting will be taking place.

According to Stewart, ongoing operations will be announced to the community. “There will be communication made to the community and the club,” he said. “We stated talking to Tom Brace with his role with the Frisbee golf course a few weeks ago. .. we have information we can pass along to him as well.”

Stewart said communication has been ongoing with the frolf committee.

Also during this time, there will be a staging area between Ski Park and the maintenance shed.

Last winter’s operations began in November with a bidding process to find a forester to do the job. After bids were considered, the college hired Ray Tolen a resident of Lamoille County.

According to Stewart, Johnson State College is expected to gain around $50,000 from the logging project.

This is the first time that the college has had any logging done on campus. Stewart said, “This is a periodic event,” he said, noting, “It takes a lot of years for the trees to grow. It won’t be something that will happening regularly…It will happen as needed.”