SGA ponders fruit trees, clubs and a vote of no confidence

The Student Government Association’s final meeting under the direction of out-going president Ben Simone covered a number of issues, from the class of 2015 gifts to additional allocations for student clubs.

Out-going JSC SGA President, Ben Simone gave an update on the status of his plan to create academic clubs related to whatever subject students are studying. “I took our traditional club handbook and created a guide for academic clubs,” said Simone.

“I’m planning on presenting the guide to faculty on May,12.”
He hopes to get faculty to encourage their students to get involved with these clubs next semester.

JSC Senator Josh Hunt presented an update on the Class of 2015 gift, one he says will be apparent on campus next year. Hunt has been working with JSC Senator Todd Lantery to obtain four apple trees and two pear trees to be planted on campus.

“We have found out our estimate, and we are waiting on one more confirmation before installation,” said Hunt.

Lantery explained the planning process being at its time so that when students, staff, and faculty arrive back on campus in the fall the trees will hopefully be ripening.

The group also had a lot of new business to cover during its last meeting. The approval of $285.00 to a student to cover the remaining expenses of a Badger Alternative Break experience passed with a unanimous vote.

Along with this, $150.00 was approved to be given to the Cycling Club for tools, and a bike repair stand with a vote of 5-0-1.

The politics club was also granted to receive $600.00 for a constitution week for next year, this passed with a unanimous vote as well.

During the Senator reports, current JSC SGA Senator Nasser Abdel-Fatah announced that he will be the President of the SGA next year following the annual election. He ran unopposed.
He has been focusing on writing things up for next year’s SGA.

Senator Jacob Rogenski’s report consisted of an update on his project – rennovations in the Stearns game room, including the pool table and juke-box.

The group ended its last meeting with a vote of no confidence in their advisor Krista Swahn which ended with a 4-0-2 vote count.

Members of the SGA pointed out that she has only attended around five of their meetings.

In addition to this, they also discussed how they felt she would show up, criticize them, and then leave.

Basement Medicine tried, without success, to contact Swahn before presstime.