A note from the SGA

The Johnson State College Student Government Association has been refreshed with new elects for the 2015-2016 academic year. Eight new Senators are taking a seat at the meeting table along with a new Vice President, while Nasser Abdel Fatah has been elected again as the SGA President after a year of sitting on the senate.

Vice President and sophomore Shavonna Bent, along with Senators Corinna Skorker a junior, and Kate Abdel-Fatah a sophomore, will be working on bringing a Women’s Week to the Johnson State College campus to celebrate women’s rights. “It’s important to highlight women’s rights,” says Skorker “and we’re trying to make this as all-inclusive as possible, so as not to discourage others from joining in.” The team hopes that Women’s Week will be planned and ready for spring, and that it will include powerful speakers and events.

Kate Abdel-Fatah will also be pursuing a project dedicated to creating an outdoor community board. This will be located by the terrain park and will include information on the frolf (Frisbee golf) course trails. “I also plan on leaving a section on the board for clubs and activities at JSC,” said Abdel-Fatah. The hopes for the board is to allow more clubs to advertise in other places around campus while primarily getting more students involved in frolf.

Senator Nate Wendt, a junior, will be taking on two projects in the beginning of this year. One of which will be Constitution Day that will take place during Politcs Week, hosted by Politics Club. This will be a full day dedicated to honoring our constitution, and will include a voter registration. Wendt’s other project will be to complete preparations for a recreational outdoor basketball hoop to go up on campus.
Senator Alex Washburn has returned to the SGA for his fourth year at JSC after a hiatus where he served as a Resident Assistant in Senators Hall. Washburn, happy to see his past project centered around installing new washing and dying machines come full circle, will now be focusing on adding more mirrors into the dorm rooms located in Martinetti Hall.

Senator Brendan Walsh, a newly appointed member of the SGA and senior at Johnson State, has started brainstorming on project ideas. His priority is to map the running trails in the woods behind campus using GPS and a computer mapping software. “I would like to have the map displayed in a kiosk built near the entrance to the trails,” said Walsh. Walsh and Senator Abdel-Fatah may join forces to create the community board by the trail entrance and terrain park that would incorporate both of their projects.

Senator Kelly Shaw, a sophomore, is spending the Fall 2015 semester in Washington D.C. as an intern in the Office of Senator Bernie Sanders. Her duties will include assisting legislative staff, attending committee hearings and leading tours in the U.S. Capitol Building. When Shaw returns for the spring semester she will contribute to Casino Night, and will take on other projects.

The only returning Senator, Jacob Rogenski, will continue a project he started last semester. His plan is to revamp the Stearns Game room and turn it into a more relaxing place on campus. “I would like to see it as a place that is enjoyable, convenient, and safe for students campus wide,” said Rogenski. Rogenski will be working with Resident Life and other groups on campus to complete the renovations.

This years Student Government meetings will be held every other Monday from 6-8pm in Dewey 1867. Anyone is welcome to attend the meetings. The Student Government office is located in Stearns room 411, and is open Monday through Friday 8am-4:30pm.