Roof upgrades

After a summer of work, repairs to the roofs of Diden, Stearns and SHAPE are nearing completion, according to JSC Controller Toby Stewart.

Work was started during the summer, following the conclusion of the spring semester.

“These…were roof replacements which consist of the removal of the old deteriorated roofing membrane, removing bad insulation…and adding an additional 3 inches of insulation over existing insulation for reduced heat loss during the winter and improved insulation against heat gain during the summer,” Stewart said.

All that remains to be done is the installation of tinted skylights in Stearns. The skylights will arrive by the end of September, to be installed most likely during October break.
The main problem with the roofs was leaking. “The roofs, they were getting worn, and it was time” said Stewart. “There were leaks, occasional wet ceilings, and [the need for] ceiling tile replacements. Roofs need to be replaced and all are over 20 years [old].”

Work on the roofs was outsourced to Paul Mary, a contractor from St. Johnsbury, Vermont, and was overseen by Director of Physical Plant Woody Dionne. Dick Ethier from the chancellor’s office was also involved in overseeing the repairs, the cost for which came in within the budgeted $175,000, according to Stewart.

Money for the repairs came from a one-time use fund of the Vermont State College system. “We were very, very fortunate from that perspective,” said Stewart.

For the moment, anyway, Stewart said he hopes the college’s roofing woes are fixed: “Right now, there’s nothing that major on the radar, and hopefully we won’t have any other leaks, or anything else that shows up to that magnitude, in the new term.”