A note from the SGA

Trail Work to Begin

The first Student Government Association’s Senate project was approved at the SGA’s weekly meeting on Monday Oct. 12. Senator Brendan Walsh has proposed a project to create directional signs to the trail system behind the school to help benefit those who are unfamiliar with the trail system.

The project includes 10 wooden routed trail signs that will be added to the existing trail system “The goal is to utilize existing trail maps and establish loops,” said Walsh, “and there will be a variety of loops and trails that I have organized. The trail signs will have the names of the loops and a distinct blaze color, and the blazes are going to be a reflective aluminum color.” Each sign will be a dark green to match the rest of the signs around campus.

The trail system though extensive is complicated, and the new sign system will help first time users have a better experience on the trails. “I think a lot of people don’t go back on the trails because they don’t know where they go, and first time users don’t want to walk on a trail if they don’t know how far it goes or if it leaves the college campus, and some of them do,” said Walsh. The trails are also available for use in the winter for cross country skiing and snowshoeing. With the new trails signs, Walsh hopes more people will take advantage of the trail system this winter.

With all senate project proposals a budget must be attached in order for it to be approved, and the entire SGA Senate has an opportunity to discuss and vote on the project. “The total projected cost is $490, and that covers ten signs, all the hardware including the screws for installation of the signs and trail markers,” said Walsh. With this budget the project was approved in a 6-0-1 vote with Walsh abstaining from the vote. “He has a reasonable budget for a project of this size,” said Jacob Rogenski, the senate pro tem and chair of the projects committee. The money for this project will be funded from the Senate Project Fund under the SGA budget.

The Senators at the approval meeting questioned the process in which the signs will be placed throughout the trail system. “Are you making the signs on posts that go into the ground or are you putting them directly onto the trees?” said Mikayla Turner, the newest appointed Senator to Walsh. Walsh replied, “right on the tree will be easier.”

Walsh completed a similar project his senior year in high school for his Eagle Scout project. For that project Walsh made trail signs himself and hung them up. “Even though I’m not making signs I am putting them up, and I have past experience so I can do it myself hopefully before winter and snow.”

Walsh will be working in part with fellow senator Kate Abdel-Fatah who is proposing a project to create a kiosk by the trail entrance near the ski and snowboard park that would include maps and posters. “Since I’m making a map to go along with the signs that map will be displayed in Kate’s kiosk,” said Walsh.

Walsh now has to place the order for the signs and work with the on campus maintenance department for final approval. Walsh is hopeful that the signs will be up before winter really starts, and that winter and spring recreation on the trails will be a success.