Rogenski new chair of VSC Student Association

Johnson State College SGA Senator Jacob Rogenski is the new chair or the Vermont State College Student Association (VSCSA). Rogenski was elected as chair of the VSCSA in October and joins fellow JSC student and previous SGA President Benjamin Simone who is the student trustee.

The VSCSA is responsible for communication between the various campuses, and expresses successful events happening at the respective campuses. It also discusses issues happening at campuses and in the Vermont State College system as a whole. The VSCSA is represented by three delegates from Castleton University, Lyndon State College, Vermont Technical College, The Community College of Vermont and Johnson State College.

“For Johnson State College, the VSCSA is represented by Shavonna Bent, Nasser Abdel Fatah, and myself,” said Rogenski. The meetings are open for all students in the Vermont State College system, and meetings are held in Montpelier, which is considered middle ground for the state colleges to come together.

As the new chair of the VSCSA Rogenski was nominated by VSCSA members, and then voted in. “I am very excited about my role as chair,” said Rogenski. Rogenski takes on the role of setting meeting agendas and facilitates the meetings. Even though Rogenski is the chair he still gets to act as one of the voting members of the association. “Only three members from each institution are voting members,” said Rogenski.

The VSCSA is here for students, and as the JSC SGA represents the student body here on campus, the VSCSA members represent the JSC student body on a bigger scale. “The VSCSA can be used to try and improve student life at Johnson State College,” said Rogenski “It is also important for finding solutions for things that may be affecting the college by talking with other colleges to come up with solution.”

The VSCSA is looking closely at on-campus issues this year including smoking. The VSCSA is looking to poll students and gain insight and opinions on smoking, plus the idea of a smoking ban.

“This does not mean the campuses are becoming smoke free, however we are trying to decide on what students think would be best for the campuses.” said Rogenski. This idea and research surfaced due to the University of Vermont going tobacco free on August 1, 2015.

“The VSCSA provides a good opportunity to build interconnections between the colleges,” said Rogenski.The VSCSA members including Trustee Benjamin Simone would like to see an intercampus event or concert planned this year for an opportunity to bring together students in the VSC. “Bringing together all the colleges as well as the university will help build a more connected community and who that as a system we have more to gain together than individually,” said Simone.