Making Noyes for both parties

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Making Noyes for both parties

Dan Noyes

Dan Noyes

Dan Noyes

Dan Noyes

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Dan Noyes (D) is the State Representative for the Lamoille 2 district, which includes Wolcott, Hyde Park, Johnson, and Belvidere. He is also a Johnson State College alumnus.

Why did you decide to become a representative?

I am really interested in solving problems by learning how things work. I like talking to people, and I’m interested in helping people and making our community a better place.

It’s kind of a continuation of education. It’s amazing to sit down with the commissioner of a department and hear them explain how things works, and then say, “How can we make this work better and make our state a better place?”

You received the most votes in both elections you have run in. Both Democrats and Republicans vote for you. Why do you think this is?

I put in a lot of effort campaigning. I took the time to listen to people talk. I think listening and understanding that we don’t all have the same views but we often have the same goals is important.

What legislation are you most proud of?

The Older Vermonters Workers group brings agencies that help older Vermonters together to see how well they are working together, and how they are making the people they serve better off. It shows how legislation and taxpayer money are helping older Vermonters. That’s important. Increasing parental rights for foster parents is another one. I have been working with Nate Farnham from Wolcott. Nate is an amazing guy who grew up in foster care. We are working together on ways to improve it. He knows it better than anyone else because he has lived it.

What legislation are you interested in working on this term?

I want to continue to work on foster care, working with Nate and others to improve that.

Also how do we fund meals on wheels? We need to look at it as a health and wellness effort and increase funding for those that use it. Other things like childcare are also important.

You don’t always vote with your party. Why?

I try to think of working in the house as a triangle. At the top are my constituents, party is on one side, and my own personal beliefs on the other. I try to find a balance between the three when I make my decision. I try to come up with a way to make all three sides happy. If you vote against party you have to take into account where they are going with things and balance that against the other two sides. Sometimes no constituents call or talk to me about a particular bill, in which case the other two sides are taken into account.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Sitting on a beach or fishing somewhere. I will be 62. I want to be somewhere with my wife.

So no Governor Noyes in the future?

No. Absolutely not. I want to be skiing, hunting, or fishing.

What advice would you give to someone interested in politics?

Be a real good listener. Have faith in the system. It doesn’t always work efficiently or effectively, but it does work. We need to strive to make it better.

Anything else you would like people to know?

If people would like they can always reach out to me via text/email or Facebook. I think people need to realize their politicians are approachable. It makes it easier to do my job if I know what people want.


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