Casino Night 2020: Dapper flappers and furtive flasks

Put on your flapper dresses and striped tuxedos: it’s time for Prohibition!

SGA revealed the theme of this year’s Casino Night with a party in Stearns, where they taught new players how to play poker. Also included was a drawing for free tickets, which will cost eight dollars for students, $10 for staff and faculty, and $15 for everyone else.

Casino night will be on March 20. Tickets will go on sale after February break.

If you’re unfamiliar, Casino Night is a black-tie ball where students receive fake money and gamble it away for the chance to win big at the auction at the end of the night. There is live music, several types of games, friends and food to go around.

“We’re going for a Great Gatsby feel with the music and decorations,” Jesse Streeter, president of the SGA, said. “The first 115 at the door get the signature mug.”

The glass mug, which resembles a small beer stein, features a feather and the words, “Casino Night” and “Prohibition.”

The high roller lounge, which offers alcoholic drinks to those of age and more poker tables, will offer a signature beverage to partygoers. “We’re not revealing it until then, but it is prohibition related,” said Streeter.

There will be a nonalcoholic version of the signature beverage for students under 21.

Sodexo will be catering the event as they had last year, so students can expect a wide variety of finger foods and desserts to eat during Casino Night.

Proceeds from the night go to the United Way of Lamoille County.