New assistant to dean of students


Marcus Allen

Laura Race

A new assistant to the dean of students and residential life has been hired. Laura Race has been appointed to replace longtime assistant Barb Flathers.
Race previously worked in the maintenance department doing administrative work. With the departure of Flathers, Race saw the open position and thought this would be a great chance to work full time on campus.
“I’m literally [always] on campus now,” Race said. “When I was at the maintenance department, I didn’t get a chance to walk across campus and stop at Stearns or check out the library and meet students on a day-to-day basis. When people came up to rent vans, I’d introduce myself, but I mostly hung out with my gang, who I love. Now, they get to come visit me, and I get to see students and people on staff.”
Race and her husband, who moved to Vermont in 2019, came from central New York, where she was a stay-at-home mother, later taking a full-time job working in a town office.