Notes from the Desk of NVU President Dr. John W. Mills


courtesy John Mills

Interim President John Mills

Greetings readers of Basement Medicine. I am pleased that the editorial board wants me to give regular updates on the goings-on at NVU-Johnson, NVU overall and some info on the transformation process to Vermont State University.
First, I am very happy and excited to be here. Since my first visit when classes started in August until my full-time arrival on October 5, I have been impressed with the warm welcome and sense of community at both NVU campuses. And this is especially so for the student body that has reached out to me in several ways. I was interviewed for Basement Medicine, have attended classes on the Common Read, gone to athletic events and will soon be at a Johnson student government meeting. But I want to experience even more. I would love to attend meetings and events hosted by the various student groups and organizations. I promise I won’t impose on you—you, however, should feel welcome to invite me!
For this first note I will briefly pass on some information that you may—or may not—already know. First, the VSCS Board of Trustees approved the recommendation of the consultant group to adopt the name for the new entity to officially come to life in 2023 as Vermont State University. I know there has been some controversy around the selection of the name and the approval but I feel it is a very positive decision. Coming from out-of-state (but VERY familiar with Vermont having spent 10 years in Hanover, NH), I know how the name “Vermont” resonates with people throughout the country as a very positive brand. Also, since we are committed to making the entire “state” your classroom, that part of the name is also critical to our student-centered focus going forward. So, I hope you are as pleased as I am with this decision and will fully embrace our new masthead.
Second, I want to let you know that at its October 25 meeting, the VSCS Board voted to adopt the Anti-Racism pledge produced by students of the VSCS and, importantly, was composed of key participants from the Johnson and Lyndon student body. I fully support this effort and feel it is a strong statement to the people of Vermont but also to all who are interested in joining us. However, the work is not done. Much effort must be put in to how this pledge is administered, recorded and sustained as we move forward. I have confidence that the students driving this—and again especially the Johnson contingent—are up to the task and understand the challenges.
I hope by the time you read this we will have celebrated a win by the volleyball team as they battle in the NAC playoffs.
Go, Badgers!!