It’s all about sex

Fruits of love...

Fruits of love…

“Let’s Talk Sex” is a seven-week series of open conversations about sex, being facilitated by the NVU- Johnson Wellness Center.
This series started on Oct. 11, and is running until the end of the semester every Monday from 12-1p.m. in the Stearns performance center. “Topics will include communication, sexual communication, shame and guilt, healthy relationships, kink/BDSM, fun facts about sex, somatic approach, and a wrap-up hot topics session,” said co-host of the event Elliot Buelter.
The NVU- Johnson Wellness Center is bringing this series to campus to open up the overall conversation about sex and sexuality. The Wellness Center set up this event “in hopes of getting students to talk about sex and sexuality in a healthy, empowered, and open way as a means to get further education,” says second semester Wellness Center intern, and co-host of this event Kyle Palmer. “Join us on Mondays 12pm-12:45p.m. in the Stearns Performance Space to discuss all things sex in a safe, respectful, and non-judgmental space,” says Buelter.
“It’s essentially a place for students to come and talk about sex – if they want to. Talking is up to students’ comfort), Palmer said. Every week is centered around different topics, and hosts Palmer and Buelter offer an accepting space to foster healthy and open conversation about a topic that can be notoriously uncomfortable to talk about. “If they don’t wish to share, they can simply journal about the question,” says Palmer.
”Let’s Talk Sex” is a peer group, so there are no outside guest speakers coming in for the series, but outside materials are occasionally brought in to discuss. Some of these include podcasts, lectures, and TED Talks like “Shameless Sex,” “Better Sex,” “Sex With Emily,” and “The Couples Therapy Couch.” Palmer also encourages student participants to bring in their own sex-ed related content to share as well.
There’s absolutely no pressure to be at every event. Either coming to only one or going every week is completely fine and acceptable at these conversation events. “This is a peer group, meaning the hope is that everyone speaks an equal amount, though no one is forced to speak if they do not want to,” Buelter said.
Buelter also noted that this is an open group, so missing a few meetings will not cause anyone to lose their place in the group.
Anyone wanting to join a healthy and open conversation about sex and sexuality with the NVU- Johnson wellness center, can make their way over to the Stearns Performance center Mondays at noon to 12:45p.m., or just stop in to any of the meetings before the last one on Monday, Dec. 6.
Those with questions about the “Let’s Talk Sex” conversation series, are encouraged to reach out to [email protected], or to Palmer or Buelter themselves. Their emails are [email protected] and [email protected] respectively.