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The student-run community news site of Vermont State University - Johnson

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A Survivor’s Guide to the Big Apple

If you’re planning on going to New York any time soon, and if you’ve never been, here are some tips that you should keep in mind. Most of them come from Mary, but there are a few from me thrown in there too.

1) Don’t look up and gape at every skyscraper you see. It’ll give you a sore neck and make you look like a tourist, and tourists are suckers for scams. Or expected to carry a lot of cash.

2) Try not to bring your $800 Canon or Nikon and sling it around your neck with you everywhere. This also makes you look like a tourist. And cameras get heavy.

3) Carry an extra $10 or $20 in your bra or your sock separated from the rest of your money so that, should the worst happen, you can get a cab back to the hotel. Carry a business card with your hotel’s address along with this spare cash.

4) When you get on a subway car, KEEP MOVING AWAY FROM THE DOOR. There are people behind you also trying to get on, and it sucks to have a subway door close on you. Trust me on this one.

5) I highly recommend a money belt. They’re discreet, and if someone is trying to grab it, you’ll catch them shoving their hand in your pants. It’ll be pretty obvious what they’re doing.

6) I also highly recommend traveling without your debit card. Take something that, should it get lost or stolen, you can cancel before the thief drains your entire savings account. (I use American Express.) If you’re really concerned about running out of cash, bring it with you and before you leave, put it in your money belt from tip #5.

7) If the street you’re on is quiet, uncomfortable, or suspicious, LEAVE.

8) People will be rude to you. People will also be unexpectedly kind. Try not to judge.

9) Stay hydrated! Headaches suck. Bring water with you, and also snacks. I recommend bread and a hard cheese.

10) Don’t bring a backpack. I guarantee you that you’ll have it taken or otherwise checked whenever you go into a museum. A smaller, over-the-shoulder bag or purse is much less likely to be confiscated. (And hide your snacks!)

11) The subway isn’t as scary as it looks. Take a deep breath, find out where you are, and look at a map. Freaking out won’t get you un-lost.

12) Your trip will be so much more fun if you stick with someone (or lots of someones) you get along with. Never go anywhere alone, it’s fun to have at least one other person to share the experience with, and a lot safer, too.

There you have it! And the best part about these tips is that they’re great for traveling anywhere. So get three or four friends together, try to save up some spending cash, and hop on the train. You won’t regret it.


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Shannon Edmonds, Staff Reporter, Web Editor
Shannon Edmonds joined the Basement Medicine staff in spring 2012, first as a staff reporter then as web editor.  She began contributing comics to the publication in fall 2009, continuing until her graduation in spring 2013.