Naughty Nonna Knows All: advice to the perplexed

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Naughty Nonna Knows All: advice to the perplexed

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Dear Naughty Nonna,


My boyfriend says that if we have sex without a condom at first, that it’s ok as long as he puts it on later.

This makes me a little uncomfortable. Is he right? Is this safe?


Gullible’s Travels


If you believe this, Gullible, I have a bridge in New York to sell you!

Sorry to disappoint your boyfriend, but your first instincts are correct. Condoms need to be on before any penetration occurs.

Beyond this, maybe you ought to think twice about your boyfriend. Most guys know that this is not in least bit safe, and it seems like he might be trying to take advantage of your good nature.

Keep an eye on this one GT.


Dear Naughty Nonna,


I am concerned that I am not big enough for my girlfriend and you know that size matters! Are there some positions that we can try that would make me feel bigger and mightier inside her?


Master of the Universe



“It ain’t the meat it’s the motion/That makes your daddy wanna rock/It ain’t the meat it’s the motion/It’s the movement it isn’t the stock,” sang Southside Johnny. Ain’t that the truth.

Although positioning isn’t a cure for lack of girth, it can make all the difference in turning boring lovemaking into something a little more pleasurable. The “Cowgirl” is a popular position to get the most out of your man’s size. This family of positions basically has the woman on top, sitting on or “riding” her partner.

Another great position for increasing sensation, is rear-entry or “doggie-style.” I’m not talking anal sex (although a smaller endowed man is more likely to be able to get his partner to agree to this). What I’m talking about here is allowing you to add inches to your reach.

Although this position lacks the intimacy of face-to-face contact, it provides an easy opportunity to reach around and stimulate her clitoris.

I could go on and on, but for more positions to increase feeling check out There are a variety of resources on here as well as pictures and descriptions to help you get the most out of your sex life.


Dear Naughty Nonna,


I am only 21 years old, but I find myself attracted to men that are twice my age. Is that normal?


Afraid to Admit It


Dear Afraid,


YES! This is a perfectly normal feeling. We have all felt this way sometimes. Hell, we feel this way every day.

Controlling those urges is a whole different story though. Even though older men are oh so S-E-X-X-Y, I tend to worry a bit about the intentions of any man in his forties who does more then fantasize about a 21 year old.

Fantasies are important to our sexual psyche, and attraction to different people can rev up those engines. Just remember, men in authoritative positions can really excite us, but there is a fine line between flirtation and harassment. Toe that line carefully, my friend.


Dear Naughty Nonna,

I want to spice things up a bit and video tape my girlfriend and I doing the deed. She is convinced that they will end up on RedTube.

How can I convince her that what’s filmed in the bedroom stays in the bedroom?


Spicy Spielberg


Look Spielberg,

I agree with your girlfriend. No one’s security is perfect and there is no guarantee that it wouldn’t get out and that would be a huge invasion of her privacy. I don’t trust you and neither should she.

Get over it. Unless she’s Pamela Anderson and you’re about to cash in, it’s not worth it.


Dear Naughty Nonna,


I overheard my girlfriend referring to me as Mr. Microsoft. Everyone was laughing, but why? I think she calls me that because I’m a genius like Bill Gates. Should I be concerned?


Puzzled in Pomfret


Dear Puzzled,

You would know best whether or not Viagra is in your future.

If you’re actually having trouble getting and keeping it up, then yes, be concerned. If not, maybe she does think you’re brilliant.







Letters can be emailed to or dropped off at the office, WLLC 327.


This column is for entertainment only. Any advice, guidance, or other information that you receive is not a substitute for advice, programs, or treatment that you would normally receive from a licensed professional such as a doctor or psychiatrist. If you have immediate concerns, please seek help from the Campus Heath Center at 635-1265 or call your physician. JSC’s Women Center in Dewey Hall also has a list of available resources and information. They are open from 1-5, Monday through Thursday.



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