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VSCS Board hears 3.5 hours of public comment

Students, faculty, staff and supporters of NVU have changed their Facebook profile pictures to this image to show their solidarity.

Rebecca Flieder, Editor In Chief

April 22, 2020

After a tidal wave of public outcry and postponement of the initial vote to close NVU-Johnson, NVU-Lyndon and VTC-Randolph, VSCS Chancellor Jeb Spaulding proposed his plan of closure at the Monday, April 20 meeting. After his presentation, the Board of Trustees and Spaulding listened to nearly 3.5 hours...

VSCS Board of Trustees vote postponed

From left to right: David Silverman, Karen Luneau, Chancellor Jeb Spaulding, Board Chair Churchill Hindes, Lynn Dickinsen at the Sept. 13 meeting

Rebecca Flieder, Editor In Chief

April 19, 2020

After a public outcry and outrage at VSCS Chancellor Jeb Spaulding's plan to close NVU-Lyndon, NVU-Johnson and VTC-Randolph, the Board of Trustees has postponed the vote, as announced in a press release. VSC Delay Press Release (4-19-20)...

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