Winter graduation COVID style

This December, Northern Vermont University will be holding the winter graduation for August and December 2020 candidates. This semester’s graduation will be similar to the spring ceremony and will be held virtually.
“As we are unable to assemble in person, the reception for August and December 2020 graduation candidates will be via Zoom and will honor the graduation candidates who completed their degree requirements,” said Darcie Miles, the executive assistant to President Collins.
The NVU Johnson graduation reception will be held on Dec. 3 from 1-2 p.m. The Lyndon graduation reception is on Dec. 4 at 3:30 p.m.
“I sent an invitation to 48 August and 78 December eligible candidates, said Miles. “The virtual reception will be similar to the format of the live event, in which President Collins will offer a welcome, remarks will be shared by Provost Atkins, and Dean Davis will read the candidate’s self-submitted bios.”
The graduates from the December ceremony will be allowed to walk and attend the events at the May 2021 ceremony. All faculty, staff, student body and families of graduates are invited to attend these virtual celebrations.
On the Lyndon campus, 24 graduates have been invited to attend their ceremony. There will a recorded speech from Sacha Borel and the student speaker this year.
Darcie Miles is the contact point for invited seniors who may have any further questions about graduation. There is an information regarding the alumni association, loan accounts and more for seniors on the NVU website.