SGA Candidates for President 2021

Basement Medicine had four questions for the two SGA candidates for President:

Why are you running for your position?
With that position, what is the mark you hope to make here at Johnson?
Why are you a good fit for your position?
If you could wave a magic wand and enact one change, what would it be?

We also asked for their hometown, pronouns, year and major.


Emily Carchia

Emily Carchia

Carchia is a freshman majoring in Business and Sociology/Anthropology from North Haven, CT. she/her

I am running for president of SGA because I want to continue my participation in the SGA office and help to move the school forward. So far this year I have participated in the SGA as an intern and now as a senator. I have been involved in organizing and hosting events like the egg hunt, Valentine’s day cards, and the St. Patrick’s Day goody bags. I am hoping to continue to reach everyone on campus and create an environment where everyone feels they can participate. I think having the experience of being in the SGA will help me then lead the SGA next semester.

I am hoping to create a welcoming, home like environment here at the Johnson campus. My major goals for next year are community involvement, organizing and evolving clubs and creating a continued Badger pride. I think with Covid-19 we have all been less involved than we had hoped. I am hoping that next year we can get back to many of the school traditions and activities that help to brighten the campus. I think moving forward I can help spear head ways to involve more students in campus activities while still being safe. I also want to help organize our clubs. We have so many fun, interesting and diverse hobbies, and passions on our campus. I want to help bring these to fruition.

I believe I am a good fit for the position because I am compassionate, eager, and ready to serve. I really love being involved on campus and helping serve my student body. I am still young here at school and have a lot to learn about the campus and people, but I am willing to work hard and learn new things.

If I could wave a magic wand and enact one change in the world, I would make good, holistic education readily accessible to everyone in the world. I think through education and understanding we can solve most of the world’s issues.

Devyn Thompson

Devyn Thompson

Thompson is a sophomore English major with a Secondary Teacher licensure from Waldorf, Maryland. she/her

I’m running for SGA president because it’s one of the best positions available to be an advocate and voice for students needs, opinions, and concerns. I hope to use this position to utilize being an active listener for my peers and creating the best college experience possible for all fellow students, especially now while we’re preparing for a safe fully in person return next fall.

With the president position, Johnson will have the mark of setting the example of what a safe campus looks like for fellow colleges in the VSCS. My goal is furthering my work with the Coalition of Minority Student Athletes to create a safe and equitable environment for students of color by first finishing the first ever antiracist pledge agreement which will be pivotal in ensuring that every student at NVU feels welcome. This goal has begun to evolve to creating a safe space for all students who have felt marginalized during their time here at NVU.

I’m a good fit for the president position because in addition to my prior leadership experience at NVU (Coalition of Minority Student Athletes Leader, Resident Assistant) I pride myself on being diplomatic and being able to effectively work with others. I have a perspective that has just now over the last year been acknowledged on a national level and I believe every student should have the right to a safe, enjoyable, and equitable college experience, I plan to preserve and enforce that right.
If I could wave a magic wand and enact one change, it would be to wish away all the isms from existence. Racism, Sexism, Antisemitism, Homophobia/Heterosexism, Classism, ableism, all the isms all of it. I would wipe it all away from existence and from our culture as a country because I honestly believe it’s one of the root issues we have in all our systems. You take away all these mental diseases what grounds do people have to hate, kill, and systemically destroy each other?