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Build back barely

Arlo Aldrich, Contributer November 18, 2021

Biden’s build back better bill is in shambles. From an initial budget of $6 trillion for the fiscal year to the $3.5 trillion vote in August, the newest revision of government spending is down to $1.75...


Soleil Devyn Borthwick, Managing Editor October 14, 2021

It was Tuesday, Sept. 21, at around noon. I was in the Basement Medicine office, doing last minute work to clean up our first issue for the semester which was releasing just two days later. The room was...

Im upset, and its okay

I’m upset, and it’s okay

Adriana Eldred, Photo Editor May 1, 2020

My last semester was supposed to be lots of fun. As an art major, I was supposed to make some of my best work in my printmaking class. I was supposed to enjoy my well-earned New York City art tour during...

The Black Keys return to roots

The Black Keys return to roots

Patrick Bell, Sports Editor October 3, 2019

Rejoice Black Keys fans. After a five-year hiatus, they are back with their album titled “Let’s Rock.” The Black Keys, consisting of guitarist, singer, and songwriter Dan Auerbach and drummer...

Moogs’ Joint, complete with performance stage

Moog’s Joint opens in Johnson

Rebecca Flieder September 20, 2019

Tom Moog has spent the last eight years “passionately trying to make Moogs’s in Morrisville what it is today.” He’s hosted benefits for members of the community and helped get the Oxbow Park recognised...

Words of Wellness: outdoor therapy, nature’s cure

Melissa Cluff February 20, 2018

Recent studies show that being outside has both positive psychological and physiological benefits. Ecotherapy (also known as green therapy, nature therapy, and earth-centered therapy) is contact with nature...

Ceci nest pas Sex!

Ceci n’est pas Sex!

Ken Leslie May 7, 2015

*Author’s Note: This op-ed was written before the latest shootings at a “Draw the Prophet Mohammed” contest in Garland, Texas. While I would in no way defend the militants for attempting to shoot...

Her eyes see through your lies

Grumpiest Ginger

Consent doesn't come in 50 shades
Meredith Andrews, Staff Writer March 12, 2015

If I could count on each hand how many time I’ve heard people talking about how ~romantic~ “50 Shades of Grey” is I would have more than enough hands to pick up the book and read some actual quotes...

Military Friendly Rating: Real or Just Good PR?

Military Friendly Rating: Real or Just Good PR?

Jeffrey Barr November 23, 2014

Johnson State College has been designated “Military Friendly” by Victory Media.  As a student of JSC and a retired veteran, I have just one little question. What gives Victory Media the right to...

Real or posed?

JSC’s “military-friendly rating” The Real Deal or just good PR?

Jeffrey Barr November 12, 2014

Congratulations to Johnson State College for being awarded the title of Military Friendly by Victory Media.  As a Communications and Community Media student at JSC and a retired veteran, I have just one...

Her eyes see through your lies

The Grumpiest Ginger

Meredith Andrews November 12, 2014

When I was in high school I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, which in my case meant that my knees would occasionally and randomly swell up and make it nearly impossible to walk. My teachers were...

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